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Study as a FreeMover in England

Alnwick Castle Campus of St. Cloud State University

Study as a FreeMover in England in this unique partnership with St. Cloud State University in the USA! 

St. Cloud State at Alnwick offers one of the most unique education abroad opportunities where students get to live and take classes inside of a castle. St. Cloud State at Alnwick is located in Alnwick Castle, one of Britain’s most iconic castles and a top filming location for many famous films and TV series.

This program offers students the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in British culture, while living and studying in a welcoming community that St. Cloud State University has been a part of since 1976. The unique atmosphere with mostly students from the United States means that TUDO students will get a true intercultural experience, blending British and American Culture Studies perspectives.

The Alnwick program takes place in northern England inside the castle that is home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. While on the program, students have the opportunity to explore parts of England that many have never heard of. A few of the places students have visited in the past include: Hadrian’s Wall, The Lake District, London, and Edinburgh.

A variety of programs are offered each year in Alnwick. These include: fall and spring semester programs and short-term programs, (winter, spring break, and summer). As this program is led by St. Cloud State University faculty, the courses change each semester based on the faculty member traveling on the program. At Alnwick, students can also choose from courses taught by British faculty during the fall and spring semesters. All courses are designed to utilize the experiential learning opportunities around the Northumberland region. Please explore the Academics & Course Information page for more details on semester course offerings.

 St. Cloud State at Alnwick offers courses that change each semester based on the faculty members teaching in Alnwick. See what courses will be available in the upcoming semesters.

In our Checklist for Stays Abroad you will find further information about receiving credit for any classes taken abroad ("Learning Agreement - Handreichung")


Students of TU Dortmund University will receive a reduction in tuition fees and only pay approximately $5,000. In addition, a mandatory program fee of $5,500 covers housing and most meals as well as 24-hour support and many excursions. Exact costs and coverage are listed on St. Cloud State University's website (Please note that the program fee here differs from the fee that Dortmund students will pay, since Dortmund students do not need the airfare included in the US program fee).

Plan on bringing extra money for private excursions, food and drinks outside of the regular program.

Currently, students with German citizenship do not need a visa to study in England for up to 6 months.  However, please check the official information on this from the British authorities before you travel to England. 


You may be able to cover almost all costs through AuslandsBAföG! Eligible students will receive

  • up to 5,600 euros for tuition fees (as a stipend, not a loan - will not be paid back)
  • a country-specific monthly payment for living costs abroad (50% loan, 50% stipend)
  • health insurance fees (50% loan, 50% stipend)

Be sure to apply 6-8 months in advance in order to receive the funding on time, though late applications can also be accepted. Further information is available in our Checklist for Stays Abroad.


You may apply for a PROMOS Direct or any other PROMOS scholarships, since this is a partner program. You may also find other scholarships through other providers, like the DAAD.

Apply online through this application portal for TUDO students.

First-time users will need to create an account. Afterwards, the user name will be sent to the e-mail address in the account you created. 

Tips for Dortmund students:

  • Should you need to turn in an English Transcript of Records (Leistungsnachweis)
    In case your grades are not fully listed in BOSS or in the Examinations Office in English, please follow the instructions in our Checklist for Stays Abroad to be issued an English transcript of records.
  • St. Cloud State University will waive all language test requirements for TUDO students, so you do not need to submit proof of your English level. However, we recommend approximately B2 level or higher to participate in this program.

If you have questions about the Alnwick campus, classes, costs or the application, please contact:

Shahzad Ahmad,  Associate Vice President of Center for International Studies
St. Cloud State University
E-mail: shahstcloudstateedu
Phone/WhatsApp: +1-320-420-1554

For any questions about the scholarships available for this program, please contact TU Dortmund University's International Office, Outgoing Department.