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Exchange Student Buddy Program

Every year, TU Dortmund University welcomes international exchange students from all over the world for a one- or two-semester study stay, for an internship or for the International Summer Program (ISP). To ensure that the exchange students feel as comfortable as possible here, we pair them with student mentors, so-called "Exchange Student Buddies", who look after them during their stay in Dortmund, especially at the beginning of their stay. Typical activities are e.g. supporting the students on arrival and for moving in, do a campus/city tour, or assist in buying a German SIM card for the mobile phone. Most importantly, building international and intercultural friendships while having fun shall be the focus of this program.

Exchange Students

The International Office of TU Dortmund University supports many incoming exchange students every semester. The stay of the students who study for one or two semester(s) at TU Dortmund University through a university-wide student exchange agreement is centrally organized by the International Office (e.g. arrange housing, enrollment, language courses etc.). The exchange students come from partner universities from South America, Asia and Russia, and they usually visit Germany/Europe for the first time in their lives. This Buddy Program was established for these exchange students.

If you explicitely wish to support exchange students who stay for one or two semester(s) and who come from USA, Canada or Europe, please apply for the Dortmund Doubles Programm (USA and Canada) or contact the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator of your faculty and/or the Erasmus Student Network (Europe/Erasmus).



Most of the international interns of TU Dortmund University come in summer (May to August) and stay in Dortmund for two to six months. This group of our international students values the support of their buddies mostly, as they often conduct their internships outside the university and so are not part of a structured student exchange program.

International Summer Program (ISP)

Incomings of the International Summer Program spend the second half of the summer semester at TU Dortmund University (end of May to end of July). They attend summer classes, a German language course and/or do a research project. The International Office organizes this program in collaboration with the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering and the Department of Cultural Studies. Here we can always use the support of TU students for different tours or other leisure activities. If you wish to engage in this program, please apply for the Dortmund Doubles Program.

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