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Health Insurance

Due to the legal situation in Germany, exchange students require sufficient health insurance coverage to be able to enroll at a German university.

Exchange students from EU member states can usually use their insurance from their European home country. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) serves as proof of insurance coverage. In addition to the EHIC, it is recommended to take out a travel health insurance.

  • You can only be enrolled at TU Dortmund University if you can prove that you have sufficient health insurance coverage (students from Turkey can usually do this by means of document A/T-11)!
  • You can take out a German statutory health insurance policy during your first week in Dortmund. The International Office will support you in this!
  • You can assume that a German statutory health insurance will cover almost all medical costs.
  • There is a branch of a statutory health insurance company on the campus of TU Dortmund University.
  • Currently, the price for students is about 100 EUR per month.


Health Insurance during the German Intensive Course

If you participate in the German Intensive Course in March or September, you have to take out a (travel) health insurance in your home country for this month, as you are not yet an official student of TU Dortmund University at this time, and therefore the German insurance is not yet active!

Otherwise you are not insured during the German Intensive Course!


Students over 30 Years of Age

Exchange students who are older than 30 years of age must acquire a private (German or international) health insurance that meets the legal requirements. It is not possible to acquire a statutory health insurance in Germany. The International Office of TU Dortmund University can answer your questions and support you in finding a suitable health insurance.


Excemption from Statutory Health Insurance

An exemption from the statutory health insurance is only possible if you can present proof of sufficient private (German or international) health insurance for the time of your studies at TU Dortmund University. Insurance policies from abroad usually do not meet all requirements!

Further information on health insurance can be found on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Helpful Dictionary

You will find the handbook "First Aid: An Illustrated Health Dictionary" published by the Deutsches Studierendenwerk in German and English here.



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