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The Perfect Application

Not just the work culture changes from country to country - the application culture changes as well. Inform yourself beforehand about the norms and expectations so that you do not make any mistakes in the application.

Companies expect so much more from graduates these days - it's no longer enough to "just" have good grades. Get prepared now for the international demands in your future career and take advantage of the free workshops and advising opportunities offered by the Career Service from TU Dortmund University's stellenwerk.

stellenwerk's Career Service

Country-specific Tips and Templates

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In addition to the links below, you can also find country-specific information, experience reports and application tips on the websites of placement companies or internship and job databases. The website Sprachportal offers free tips, for example a collection of phrases that are helpful for writing an application for several European and non-European countries.

Especially in English-speaking countries the universities often have career centers with extensive online resources. Use these pages to find more information about the UK, North America and Australia/New Zealand.

Services offered by the Federal Employment Agency's University Team (mostly in German)

A good foundation for any application abroad is a perfect German application. The Federal Employment Agency's University Team can help during the open office hours on campus.

You should also make use of the application check and the workshops offered by stellenwerk's Career Service department.  Some services are offered in English.

The International Office also provides international students with advice and support for the career search in Germany and German-language applications

Here you will find timeless tips from one of TU Dortmund University's partner institutions: Flyer

The Europass was introduced by the Eruopean Parliament  in order to achieve more transparency with regards to qualifications and skills. You may use the template for the CV for all applications in Europe.  You can also download Europass CV examples in all European languages. These videos will help you get started with the Europass (in German).

The handbook "You will hear from us..." from the European Commission has various tips for applying in all countries in the EU (and can be downloaded in all European languages).

The University of Richmond Career Development Center website has helpful information and various templates for North American applications.

This booklet also has a collection of the most common mistakes that TU Dortmund University's students make, as well as further helpful information for an application in North America: Flyer


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