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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions about the exchange at TU Dortmund University, please have a look here under the FAQs.


If your questions are not answered on our websites or here in the FAQs, the Exchange Students Team of the International Office will be happy to help you!

In all cases, please contact them first before contacting other departments.

Study | Courses

Exchange students can take both bachelor and master courses from all departments, as long as there is capacity! This gives exchange students the best possible choice of courses.

We recommend all exchange students to follow the course program of the Chairs of English and American Studies (Department of Cultural Studies). They offer a variety of English taught courses on cultural and political topics, which may count as electives at your home university.

In addition, exchange students may occasionally cross-enroll in courses at the other universities in the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr).

A list of the faculties, study programs and courses at TU Dortmund University can be found on our website Course Catalog.

Exchange students are assigned a personal Academic Advisor who is available to assist with all academic questions. You will find the contact details of your Academic Advisor in your welcome e-mail, which you will receive from the International Office after you are accepted into the exchange program.

For all other questions, please contact the Exchange Students Team of the International Office (exchange-studentstu-dortmundde).

In many faculties it is not necessary to register for courses, but only for the exams. However, some faculties do indeed require course registration (e.g. for smaller seminars). Please contact your Academic Advisor shortly before the beginning of the semester if you have any questions regarding course registration. You will find your Academic Advisor's contact details in your welcome e-mail, which you will receive from TU Dortmund University's International Office after your acceptance into the exchange program.

The semester and lecture period dates can be found on our website.

If you participate in the German Intensive Course, you will find the recommended arrival date in your welcome e-mail. This is usually the day before the German Intensive Course starts. If you do not participate in the German Intensive Course, you can move into your student dormitory from the first working day of the month in which the lecture period begins.

Your departure depends on the dates of your exams. If you are studying in the Department of Cultural Studies, the exams usually take place at the end of the lecture period. In other faculties, exams may take place a little later during the semester break. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you have any questions regarding examination dates. You will find your Academic Advisor's contact details in your welcome e-mail, which you will receive from the International Office after you are accepted into the exchange program.

Your transcript of records (ToR) will be prepared by your Academic Advisor a few weeks after the end of your exchange semester and sent by mail to your home university's International Office. Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a digital copy of the ToR.

At the end of your stay and after passing your final examinations, please hand in all course certificates you receive to your Academic Advisor! You will find your Academic Advisor's contact details in your welcome e-mail, which you will receive from the International Office after you are accepted into the exchange program.

German Intensive Course

All information about the German Intensive Course is available here.

All information on language courses during the lecture period can be found here.


Most of the dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Dort­mund are located on the TU campus or adjacent to it. The Studentenwerk Dort­mund makes every effort to accommodate all exchange students in dormitories near the campus. However, accommodation off campus cannot be completely excluded.

Exchange students are accommodated in single apartments as well as in shared flats for 2, 3 and 4 persons of the Studierendenwerk Dort­mund.

The Studierendenwerk Dortmund provides the following furniture and utensils for exchange students:

  • Single bed (90 cm x 200 cm or 100 cm x 200 cm) with pillow and duvet
  • Desk with desk chair
  • Wardrobe closet
  • In most dormitories there are also kitchen utensils (cutlery, pots, pans, etc.)

The following are not provided: Bed sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase and towels, which, however, can be bought from the Studierendenwerk (you will receive information on this by e-mail together with you rental contract).

There is unlimited Internet access in all dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Dortmund. Each room in the dormitories has a LAN port for the Internet. Therefore, a LAN cable is needed in order to connect a PC to the Internet in the dorms. Additionally, a WLAN router may be hooked up through a LAN cable.

The Studierendenwerk Dortmund does not belong to TU Dortmund University, and the International Office is privileged to receive a share of their rooms for exchange students. However, this means that the International Office cannot influence the allocation of rooms.

If your health or traveling with your child(ren) make certain living conditions necessary, you can indicate this on your application.

In your rental contract, which you will receive by e-mail from the Studierendenwerk Dort­mund about four weeks before your arrival for signature, your accommodation is stated. Change requests regarding the accommodation are usually not possible.

The rooms in the dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Dort­mund are ready for you to move in from the first weekday of the month of your reservation.

Your Buddies/Doubles (TU Dortmund students) will pick up your apartment key and will assist you in moving in. This makes it possible for you to move in after business hours if necessary.

Since the rent can vary from dormitory to dormitory, please look under Housing for the current maximum rent.

The first rent is due in the first week at TU Dortmund University. It can be paid by credit card or EC card.

You can see the current amount of the deposit under Housing.

The deposit must be transferred to the Studierendenwerk Dortmund in advance. You will receive more detailed information about the transfer and the deadline for paying the deposit in your welcome e-mail, which you will receive from the International Office of the TU Dort­mund University after your acceptance at TU Dort­mund University.

No, the rent has to be paid by credit or EC card.

There is a responsible dorm custodian for each student dormitory of the Studierendenwerk Dort­mund. You will usually find the office of the custodian centrally located in the respective dormitory complex. You will find the telephone number of the custodian and the office hours at or near the office door.

You will have to move out latest one day before the last workday of a month so that your room can be prepared for the following tenant. Therefore, you cannot move out on a weekend.

A few weeks before your rental contract ends, you will receive information regarding the room inspectation by the dorm custodian at the end of your stay. The room inspection is necessary for the refund of the deposit. Only if you have not caused any damages during your stay, the deposit will be refunded.

The Studierendenwerk Dortmund will transfer the deposit to you after you have moved out, as long as you have not caused any damages or missed any rent payments.


On our website Visa you will find all the necessary information and a link to the website of the Federal Foreign Office, where you can check whether or not you need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany.

Exchange students receive an invitation letter from TU Dortmund University about 2-3 weeks after the application deadline (15 May/November).

Health Insurance | First Aid

The emergency numbers at TU Dortmund University can be found under the following link:


At the end of your stay  you will receive information about the cancellation of your health insurance from the Coordinator for International Exchange Students via e-mail.

Working alongside Your Studies


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