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Scholarship for Committed and Socially Engaged International Students

Within the framework of the DAAD program, STIBET I, the International Office awards scholarships to particularly committed and socially engaged international students from funds provided by the Federal Foreign Office. This scholarship is designed for international students enrolled at TU Dortmund University who distinguish themselves through involvement within an international cultural or academic context in their course of study or have an interesting idea of how to bring international students together in a social, academic or cultural context. The commitment can also be realized through a separate project plan and carried out independently. This scholarship can ONLY support international students or international PhD students of TU Dortmund University who are strongly engaged in voluntary activities.

Information on the Scholarship and Application

Funding duration depends on the proposal idea or the content of the project. It is awarded for three months and in special cases for maximum of six months. It comprises a monthly amount of 300 EUR. The scholarship can be provided for the current year 2023 and can only be extended if the DAAD project is extended as well. In case of an extension, the selection committee has to check the benefits of the project and positive feedback on the proposed idea first.

A selection committee of the International Office chooses recipients based on their proposed idea and on the following criteria:

  • very good academic performance in studies and
  • special commitment within cultural, social or academic contexts at TU Dortmund University.

Your idea of an activity must be linked to an international or academic context, such as

  • mentoring international students as a buddy for at least one semester long, 
  • getting involved in local or academically related initiatives and associations or
  • planning and organizing events with an international focus. It can also include social events with a cultural aspect to enhance the integration of international students at TU Dortmund University as well as in Germany.

Please consider that the proposed activity should be offered at least once a week or run on a continuing basis. Please consider that the International Office cannot promise to book the IBZ facilities due to full reservations. If you book the IBZ for activities, please consider the following:

  • If you use the IBZ, you are fully responsible of the premises and facilities.
  • In case of any damage or negligence, you will be fully charged for the reparation expenses.
  • You are in charge to book, pick up and return the keys to the IBZ independently. 

Students who...

  1. are international students enrolled at TU Dortmund University, complete a full degree program and have foreign citizenship,
  2. are considered “Bildungsausländer”*,
  3. have studied for at least two semesters at TU Dortmund University and prove good to very good academic performance, 
  4. have characterized themselves through socially and academically international work at TU Dortmund University aside from their studies and 
  5. can demonstrate intercultural skills as well as German and English language skills.

Bildungsausländer: meaning that they must have earned their university entrance qualification at a non-German school abroad.

  1. International students who will finish their studies in the 2023 academic year,
  2. exchange students who are only briefly studying in Germany,
  3. students who are only enrolled for a German course,
  4. German citizens,
  5. students who have earned a German university entrance qualification either at a school in Germany or a German school abroad,
  6. students who are not at university currently, for example, by completing an external internship, a final thesis with a company, or a stay abroad or 
  7. students who earn an additional income of more than 700 EUR (Bachelor's students) or more than 800 EUR (Master's students).
  1. Previous volunteering certificates or recommendation letters,
  2. certificate of enrollment,
  3. current transcript of record,
  4. résume,
  5. recommendation letters written by faculty advisors or faculty members about your current activities at the faculty,
  6. copy of passport and a copy of your residence permit,
  7. if you have a part time job, including a job as a student assistant, you must submit a copy of your work contract. If your employment is terminated at the beginning of or during the scholarship period, or the number of working hours changes, proof of this must be submitted.
  8. Detailed description of your commitment project for the scholarship.