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Working as an international student with a study visa

Employment of foreign students during their studies

International students from third countries with a residence permit in accordance with § 16 of the Residence Act may work for a limited number of days per year during their studies.

Student job

Foreign students who have a permanent residence permit do not require a special work permit. As a rule, international students may be employed for 140 full days (4 hours/week) or 280 half days (more than 4 hours/week) per year without the BA's approval.

The search for a student job is left to the job seeker. The International Office may not refer to external job exchanges and job offer sites.

Jobs as a student/scientific assistant

Foreign students can be employed as student assistants. Like German students, students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland may work up to 20 hours per week during the lecture period. During the semester break, you can work without restriction.

Students from third countries (non-EU countries) who have a residence permit for the purpose of studying(§16b AufenthG).

Further information on current job opportunities can be found via Stellenwerk Dortmund: Job search as a student or research assistant.

In addition, international students from third countries have other prospects during or even before completing their studies in Germany in accordance with Section 16b (4) AufenthG:

  1. You can take up full-time employment as a skilled worker(§ 18a,18b AufenthG) if the knowledge and skills you have acquired so far qualify you for this.
  2. Instead of studying, you have the option of taking up qualified vocational training. Before taking up training, the (still) foreign student must apply for a residence permit to take up vocational training from the competent authority. Further information can be found here.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact the Social Counseling for International Students.

E-mail: social.counselingtu-dortmundde

Consultationhours via Zoom: by prior appointment. Consultation hours in presence: Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30 a.m. by prior appointment via Terminland. On-site consultations take place in the International Office, room 212 (2nd floor, Emil-Figge-Str. 61, 44227 Dortmund).

We will be happy to advise you!