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Private Liability Insurance

In Germany, you are liable for personal injury and property damage caused by carelessness or recklessness. As you are liable without limit for all damage that you have caused to someone else, damage amounting to several hundred thousand or even millions of euros can occur - for example, if someone is seriously injured in an accident caused by you or if you cause water or fire damage to a building. Adequate liability insurance covers this existentially threatening risk.

Recommended scope of insurance

The International Office cannot advise on insurance conditions, but can make the following recommendations:

  • Make sure you have sufficient insurance cover. In Germany, it is recommended to agree on a flat-rate minimum sum insured of 10 million euros, as the insurer is only liable up to the agreed sum insured and you will have to pay the rest yourself if the claim is higher. It is your responsibility to decide on a sufficient sum insured, but we recommend that you stick to the minimum sum insured.
  • The insurance should cover this sum in the areas of personal injury, property damage (including rental/building damage) and financial loss.

Although this type of insurance provides high coverage, it is usually quite inexpensive. An existing liability insurance policy, which may have been taken out by your parents as family insurance, may also be valid abroad, please clarify this with your insurance company.

If you are unable to take out liability insurance in accordance with the conditions stated above in your home country, you can also take out such an insurance in Germany shortly after your arrival at the latest.

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