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Make your last academic project international

Final Thesis

Have you found a project in a foreign country that would be a great basis for your final thesis? Does your thesis topic require a stay in a foreign country in order to conduct interviews or carry out research? TU Dortmund University has scholarships available for these independently organized stays abroad.

The exchange programs are typically not available for these types of research stays.

Final Thesis Work in an Internship

Formulas and handwriting on a wall in the laboratory © Chromatograph​/​Unsplash

If you are writing your final thesis as a part of a research or industry internship, you may be able to receive one of the scholarships for internships (Erasmus+ or PROMOS).

Please note that you may not simultaneously receive two scholarships for the same purpose, but you may apply for several different scholarships (like the MSS scholarship below) at one time to increase your chances of getting funding. If you are awarded both scholarships, you will need to decide which one you would like to accept.

TU Dortmund University's Martin Schmeißer Foundation

The Martin Schmeißer Foundation, founded in 1993 on the initiative of the City of Dort­mund and further donors from Dort­mund's business community, is a foundation for the promotion of international scientific relations at TU Dort­mund University. The foundation awards scholarships for Bachelor's and Master's thesis projects that include a stay abroad of at least two months.

Interested students should apply by 15 February or 15 September. Applications from in­ter­na­tio­nal students are encouraged. 

picture of the Martin-Schmeißer-Medal © Roland Baege​/​TU Dortmund

Scholarship Advising at TU Dortmund University

Also have a look at this list of foundations and scholarships for study abroad to find other possible scholarships.

A stay abroad can also be made possible through a regular scholarship for your studies here at TU Dortmund University. For all questions about other scholarships for your studies at TU Dortmund University please contact the scholarship advising team (page in German). 

International students should also go through these scholarship opportunities

Checklist for Your Stay Abroad

Don't forget anything!

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