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Overseas Exchange Program

TU Dortmund University cooperates with universities across the world in so-called bilateral exchange partnerships and as a member of the ISEP network (International Student Exchange Program). These partnerships offer all students the opportunity to study abroad at the partner institutions with a full tuition waiver.

The deadline for applications for the next academic year ends on 30 October each year.

German language skills (and possibly also skills in the host country's language) are required in order to participate in this program.

For the academic year 2025/2026

Apply by 30 October 2024!

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In the list below you will find the universities paticipating in the exchange program (both bilateral and ISEP partner universities). Although you can specify certain universities as favorites in your application, you are mainly applying for the target country. A placement at one of your preferred universities or within the framework of your preferred program cannot be guaranteed. Please be as flexible as possible in this respect. It is possible to apply for several countries, but you must clearly indicate which country is your first choice.

If you get a place in the exchange program, the selection committee will ultimately decide where you will study and whether the exchange will take place via the bilateral partnerships or via the ISEP network. At all partner universities you will receive full tuition waiver.

Some of the cooperations take place through so-called bilateral partnerships. Usually TU Dortmund University exchanges students every year directly with these universities. 

Other cooperations take place through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), a network in which TU Dortmund University is a member. The exchange with universities in ISEP is indirect, which means that students do not go to every university in the network every year. The universities that are actually open for exchange can vary from year to year.


Whether you prefer to go to an ISEP or a bilateral partner university, there is only one application for the Overseas Exchange Program and the selection committee will place you at one university. Please note: Space in this exchange program is very limited. Usually only every 3rd or 4th student will get a spot in the program. Please note that it is especially important in this program to have volunteered - especially in an intercultural context. Information about the possibilities on campus are in the Checklist for Stays Abroad.

Application information and selection criteria


Your Scholarship: In all of TU Dortmund University's exchange programs you will receive a scholarship in the form of a full tuition fee waiver at the partner university. You only pay your visa, travel and accommodation expenses.

The accommodation and meal costs for a semester at an ISEP university are about 6,500 EUR (including room and board), regardless of the destination. (Please note that this amount can change due to the current political/economical situation.)

The accommodation and meal costs for a semester at a bilateral partner university may vary, since room and board costs can vary considerably even within one country (usually between 6,000 EUR and 11,000 EUR).

Follow TU Dortmund University's Study Abroad Storytellers live on their adventures abroad and apply for a spot in the Overseas Exchange Program by 30 October!

Study Abroad Storytellers

Universities in the Program

Please refer to the German list of available countries and universities.


E-mail Inquiries

General inquiries: going-abroad
Erasmus+ study abroad: erasmus-outgoings

Office Hours

(Only) Erasmus+ Study Abroad:

Office hours via telephone/zoom Hella Koschinski: by prior arrangement
Tel.: 0231 755-6247

Office hours in presence: only with appointment
Tue 9:00-12:00

General Inquiries - Outgoings (Studies/Internships/Short Programs):

Office hours via telephone / Skype (laura-hope) / Zoom (please send a link when you are online):  without appointment, open
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Office hours in presence:  only with appointment
New appointments will be released 14 days in advance. If no appointments are shown as available, this means that all appointments for this time period are already booked.