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Students with Children

Anyone planning a stay abroad with children must be prepared for additional costs and most likely needs even more support during the preparations. The host institution takes on a central role in this. But we at TU Dortmund University are also happy to support you! In addition, the Erasmus+ program offers additional funding to cover the extra costs for your stay abroad with a child or children.

Erasmus+ Inclusion Top Up | Real Cost Application | Preparatory Trips

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The new program generation of Erasmus+ is now even more inclusive and focused on creating equal opportunities. With its new forms of mobility, additional funding opportunities and broader target audience, the program makes stays abroad more feasible for even more people by breaking down potential barriers to going abroad.

Students going on an Erasmus+ funded stay abroad with a child or children can apply for a supplemental grant of 250 EUR per month in addition to the regular Erasmus+ mobility grant (a so-called Inclusion Top Up). Please note the conditions below. 

If very high costs are expected during the stay abroad (e.g. high costs for daycare centers; school fees), applications for the expected real costs can also be submitted (instead of the Inclusion Top Up) before the mobility. It is important here that the applications are submitted well in advance of the stay abroad.

In addition, it is now also possible for students with children to apply for funding for a preparatory trip in order to make arrangements on site that cannot be easily organized from Germany.

Erasmus+ Outgoings with questions about the Inclusion Top Up, the Real Cost Application as well as the Preparatory Trip Application can contact

At least one child will accompany you during your entire stay abroad. 

The application is even possible if your partner accompanies you; double funding for the accompanying child, however, is not possible.

Erasmus+ Studies

  • Inclusion Top Up: You will receive a separate email with a Honorary Declaration Form (Ehrenwörtliche Erklärung) after you have been accepted into the Erasmus+ program. In this email, important information about the Social TopUps and the declaration of honor are attached.
  • Erasmus+ Internships
  • Inclusion Top Up: When you apply for the Erasmus+ grant be sure to mark the appropriate box on the application form and upload your Honorary Declaration Form (Ehrenwörtliche Erklärung).  However, due to limited resources we recommend applying as early as possible!
  • Real Cost Application and/or Preparatory Trip Application: Contact going-abroadtu-dortmundde as soon as possible after submitting your regular Erasmus+ application. You will then receive the current DAAD application template at hand and assistance with it. The application must be sent to the DAAD via the International Office at least three months before the start of the mobility.

Proof can be shown thorugh the child's/children's birth certificate(s).

Please note that you must keep all supporting documents regarding Inclusion Top Ups or any other additional funding as the university will conduct random verification checks. Upon request you will need to promptly turn in all documents.

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