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Work­shop for International Students

The Perfect Business Appearance

Manners and behavior, outer appearance and looks, the talking - all of this has to do with style and etiquette and is also of great importance in everyday business life.

In this workshop by Marianne Montag you will learn more about current standards in the German business world. You will learn how to interpret different behavior patterns in business life and how to apply the most important rules, thus becoming more successful in your dealings with colleagues and superiors.

Marianne Montag at a workshop in the IBZ

This includes questions like: What is it that belongs to a greeting? Who is to be greeted first, what needs to be regarded? How important is punctuality when I am invited to a job interview? Which kind of behavior at the job interview will give me advantages? These and other subtleties and details can make a decisive difference in selection procedures. You will also have ample opportunity to ask your questions and bring in your own experience from internships and job interviews.

Next workshop

When: The next workshop will be held just before the International Career Fair, on October 23, 2023 at 2pm. Register now!

Language: Please note that the workshop language is German.

Where: The workshop will take place in the International Meeting Centre (not online).

This workshop is made possible with the support of the IHK zu Dortmund.