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Organization of Study & Internship Stays of Exchange Students

International Exchange Students (Study Stay/Internship)

International exchange students (i.e. students at Bachelor's or Master's level who are enrolled at a university outside of Germany) have the opportunity to come to TU Dortmund University for a study or internship stay within the framework of various programs, depending on their home university.

If you would like to receive an international exchange student for a study stay outside of these programs or for an internship stay at TU Dortmund University, you will find information on the organization of the stay below.

The international exchange students will find the relevant information for the organization of their stay under "Organization of the internship stay".

If the guest is an international researcher (i.e. from PhD level), the Welcome Services for International Researchers are available for support.


International exchange students can enroll as program students at TU Dortmund University and thus benefit from the same advantages as regular students. The regular semester fee of approx. 350 EUR per semester is charged for enrollment.

Enrollment is not obligatory for an internship stay, but it is recommended, especially because of the accident and liability insurance for events that occur in connection with the internship.

If international exchange students do not spend a full semester at TU Dortmund University or in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is often the case, especially in the case of internships, they can apply for a proportional refund of the semester ticket fee (part of the semester fee) at the AStA at the end of their stay.

Enrollment is handled by the Divsion of Admission and Enrollment. Students can find detailed information about the process and required documents on this website. In order to enrol, students need to be issued with a letter of supervision or confirmation of supervision from their supervisors stating the duration of their stay.

The zhb - Division of Foreign Languages of TU Dortmund University offers a free of charge 4-week German Intensive Course for exchange students at the language levels A1-B2 in September and in March.

Upon successful completion of the course, 7 ECTS can be earned.

The courses take place from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00. Absence from the course is possible only on two days in total.

If students are interested, please contact the International Office.

An overview of different accommodation options can be found on our website. The reservation of accommodation is not possible through the International Office and is usually done by the international exchange students.

If a dormitory room at the Studierendenwerk Dortmund would be intersting for the exchange student, the inquiry whether a room is available during the period of stay should be made by the inviting institution in order to insure the connection to the TU Dortmund. Rental prices for short-term rentals range between 350,- and 500,- EUR, additionally a deposit of 700,- EUR has to be paid to finalize the reservation. Contact is the Studierendenwerk Dortmund. Please note that the minimum rental period is usually four months and only in exceptional cases shorter rental periods can be offered upon request.

As a basis for an internship stay, it is recommended to sign TU Dortmund University's Internship Contract for International Interns.

The contract can be completed and send to the intern in advance, but must be signed in original. This can easily be done after the intern has arrived. Please send two copies of the completed and originally signed contract by in-house mail to the International Office (contact: Gothe-Kräher or Werse) so that it can be signed by the director on behalf of the Rectorate and returend to you.

Should the intern or the home university insist on the signing of a different contract, this must first be forwarded by the supervising institution to the 
Section Insurances and Contract Management (contact person is Ms. Sahra Erkan) for review and then signed by the Rector (or by the Internation Office on his behalf).

Whether and in what form compensation is paid depends on various circumstances.

Generally, for voluntary internships lasting longer than three months, minimum wage must be paid from the first day. This is not the case for a mandatory internship.

It is up to the inviting department to decide from which resources the payment is made and in what form (e.g. expense allowance, scholarship, SHK contract). The Corporate Center Human Resources can answer questions about the various options.





Please direct any questions regarding the above stays to internshipstu-dortmundde.