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Exchange Students

Students from partner universities all over the world can study at TU Dortmund University within the framework of a one or two semester stay. In addition to the regular semester exchange, TU Dortmund University also offers its overseas partners a summer program and a combined study/internship year program. Various internship opportunities are also available to students from European and non-European countries.


E-mail Inquiries

Erasmus+ Program: erasmus@tu-dortmundde
Overseas Exchange Program: exchange-students@tu-dortmundde
Internships: internships@tu-dortmundde
International Summer Program (ISP): summerprogram@tu-dortmundde
Ruhr Fellowship Program: ruhr.fellowship@tu-dortmundde

Office Hours

Office hours via telephone/zoom: by prior arrangement under the relevant email address (see above)
Tel.: +49 231 755-6373/7869

Office hours in presence: only with appointment
Tue 13:30-15:00 pm