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for a semester at a partner school overseas

PROMOS Direct Scholarship

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TU Dortmund University offers the PROMOS scholarship program, funded by the DAAD and BMBF, for stays of up to one semester at an overseas partner university. 

All TU Dortmund University students (in Bachelor or Master) who are studying at an overseas bilateral partner university as a so-called "Free Mover" (without a tuition waiver) may apply.


Students who spend a semester at a bilateral or ISEP partner university overseas as so-called "Study Abroad/Free Mover" students (without a tuition waiver) can apply for a scholarship. It is important that TU Dortmund University has a university-wide partnership agreement with this university.

Departmental partnerships are not eligible for funding.

Stays in the home country are not eligible for funding.

Possible Universities

Eligible universities can be found under the information on independently organized stays abroad and then under "How do I find a university?" or on the website for the overseas exchange program. Only TU Dortmund University's partner universities are eligible.  If you have any questions, please contact the International Office.

Student Status

You must remain enrolled at TU Dortmund University during the entire semester abroad. However, a leave of absence ("Beurlaubung") is possible.


Students who qualify for AuslandsBAföG can only apply if the lump sum for tuition fees via AuslandsBAföG is not sufficient to cover all fees. To apply for this scholarship, you must apply for AuslandsBAföG and submit the rejection letter or acceptance letter (with the amount of funding for tuition fees confirmed).

You will become a part of the  Study Abroad Storyteller program and in regular interval produce content for our website and our Instagram Account tudo_international.

Students receive a tuition stipend of up to 3,000 EUR, according to the country-specific maximum limits from the DAAD for tuition fees (right column).

Students who qualify for AuslandsBAföG can only apply if the lump sum for tuition fees via AuslandsBAföG is not sufficient to cover all fees.

Additional Funding

Students with special needs (at least GdB 50) or chronic illness can apply for up to 10,000 EUR additional funding from the DAAD; just be sure to contact the International Office early on in the planning process (six months prior).

Apply now!

30.4.2024 for WiSe 2024 and SoSe 2025

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Application Process

The application deadline is 30 April for all stays abroad in the following academic year (approximately July in the same year to June in the following year).

The decision of the selection committee will be announced approximately one month later. One scholarship is awarded for the winter semester and one for the summer semester.

Missed the application deadline?

You can only apply after the application deadline if no scholarship has already been awarded for your intended semester. Please contact the International Office to find out whether it is still possible to apply at short notice for the semester of your stay abroad.

Documents (as one PDF):

  • Statement of Purpose and Study Plan for the stay abroad (up to 5 pages)
  • CV/resumé (German or English)
  • Letter of recommendation (from someone in a tecahing position) 
  • Admission Letter from the host institution (can be sent later)
  • In case not apparent in the admission letter: Confirmation of the cost of tuition
  • Grade report/Transcript of records
    (all grades from TU DO or from other schools, e.g. from BOSS)
  • Confirmation of your GPA ("Durchschnittsnote") from the Examinations Office
    All students who have completed at least one semester at TU Dortmund University must submit proof of their average grade (GPA) from the Examinations Office. The PDF documents generated in BOSS will not be accepted. Please be sure to take care of this on time.
    If you are currently in your first semester, we can accept your GPA/grade report from your past studies or school.
  • Current certificate of enrollment 
  • Letter from AuslandsBAföG (can be sent later)
  • further materials that would support your application can be sent, for example reference letters from past employers, language certificates and certificates from language courses or volunteer work.

Please send all documents in one PDF via e-mail to going-abroadtu-dortmundde.

  • Volunteer work and extracurricular activities
  • Academic motivation and relevance for your studies
  • Academic, linguistic and intercultural qualifications
  • Academic achievement (a GPA of 2.5 is typically expected)

You will need to turn in the following documents after the semester ends:

  • Transcript of Records from the host institution
  • Experience Report and Consent Form
    (Template in the Checklist for Stays Abroad)
  • Certificate(s) of enrollment for the entire duration of the internship

The documents can be sent to promos-stipendientu-dortmundde through e-mail or with a ("public", not personalized) Sciebo link.


E-mail Inquiries

General inquiries: going-abroad
Erasmus+ study abroad: erasmus-outgoings

Office Hours

(Only) Erasmus+ Study Abroad:

Office hours via telephone/zoom Hella Koschinski: by prior arrangement
Tel.: 0231 755-6247

Office hours in presence: only with appointment
Tue 9:00-12:00

General Inquiries - Outgoings (Studies/Internships/Short Programs):

Office hours via telephone / Skype (laura-hope) / Zoom (please send a link when you are online):  without appointment, open
Mon-Tue 10:00-11:30 & 13:30-15:00
Tel.: 0231 755-4728      

Office hours in presence:  only with appointment
New appointments will be released 14 days in advance. If no appointments are shown as available, this means that all appointments for this time period are already booked.