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Information and Support Services for Ukrainian Students

Universities and non-university research institutions have reacted clearly and unitedly to the attack on Ukraine, emphasizing that they stand in full solidarity with Ukraine and that Putin's war cannot be justified by anything.

TU Dortmund University would like to support Ukrainian students to continue their studies in Dortmund. On this page you will find various support services and relevant contact points.

Current ­press releases and statements of TU Dortmund University

Support Services provided by TU Dortmund University

Overview of Important Contacts and Information Services

  • The portal Germany4Ukraine of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) summarizes information and support offers as well as questions and answers on the entry from Ukraine to Germany (available in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English).
  • Information from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) on entering and staying in Germany (among others available in Russian, German and English).


  • The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) has established the  National Academic Contact Point Ukraine. The platform offers comprehensive information and assistance for Ukrainian students and researchers (available in Ukrainian, German and English).
  • Since 1 June 2022, Ukrainian students can receive financial support via the German Federal Training Assistance (the so-called BAföG) if they have or have applied for a residence permit in accordance with Section 24 Paragraph 1 of the Residence Act (available in German).
  • The Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development (Gesellschaft für Akademische Studienvorbereitung und Testentwicklung e. V. (g.a.s.t.))  supports Ukrainian refugees with various learning and testing offers (placement tests, German courses etc.) (available in Ukrainian, German and English).
  • If you are interested in scholarships, you may be able to find suitable support options with the help of the scholarship database by the DAAD (available in German and English).
  • The UA Talents job platform for refugees from Ukraine brings together job seekers and employers in Europe (available in Ukrainian and English).
  • Refugees from Ukraine (Ukrainians and third-country nationals) can receive support for career orientation and labor market integration via the work4you project (in Ukrainian, German, English and Russian).
  • The website Kreuzworträ provides a free German - Ukrainian dictionary for everyday vocabulary (in Ukrainian and German).
  • The website provides a free learning booklet German - Ukrainian for the basics of the German language (in Ukrainian and German).
  • The website provides a free vocabulary puzzle booklet German - Ukrainian for learning German in a playful way (in Ukrainian and German).

Project for Language Support for Children

The proj­ect "Spra­che ver­bin­det", or­ga­nized by Dort­mund's Rotary Clubs, enables individual lan­guage support in German for primary school children in need of support. Through playful learning, the German lan­guage is taught and a foundation is laid for success at school and at work. This requires so-called "scouts", pupils and students who introduce the participating children to the German lan­guage. Scouts visit the children in their families for one to two hours per week and respond to their individual needs.

Scouts are currently being sought - e.g. for children who have fled from Ukra­i­ne! Students who get involved in this proj­ect receive remuneration and a certificate for their work, as well as insights into other languages and cultures, and can gain valuable experience themselves. As mem­bers of the TU Dort­mund they can make their own contribution to successful integration. You can find out more details about the proj­ect in this short presentation (in German). If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact TU Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity Sustainability Office.

Supporting refugees from Ukraine with labor market integration

The project work4you, an initiative of Joblinge e.V., provides contact via a matching platform between refugees from Ukraine and volunteer mentors, who support the refugees in vocational orientation and labor market integration. Experience in this field is not a prerequisite. A training course is offered, as well as further training and exchange opportunities free of charge for mentors. A team of professional advisors is available to answer any questions. Further relevant information can be found on the project website.