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Bachelor application

Application Information for EU/EEA Nationals

Are you an EU/EEA national and/or have acquired your university entrance qualification within the EU/EEA and would like to apply for a Bachelor's degree program in the 1st semester?

Please note: The application procedure differs depending on whether you ­wish to apply for a degree program with or without admission restrictions at TU­ Dortmund University­! You can find out whether you are interested in a degree program that is admission-free or admission-restricted on the degree program website. Please read the following information carefully.

Information about the Application

Are you an EU/EEA national and/or have a university entrance qualification from the EU/EEA and would like to apply for a Bachelor's degree program without admission restrictions in the 1st semester?

The application must be submitted online to the Admissions Department of the International Office. Please submit your application for admission to the degree program in due form and time via our online application. Upload all documents relevant to your application in the online application. It is not necessary to send documents to us by mail.

After the start of lectures, the online application is no longer available. Please then use our Application for Admission. In this case, please submit your application by mail or e-mail.


Application Periods

Application Period for the Summer Semester

approx. 15 November to Friday before the start of lectures (cut-off period)

Application Period for the Winter Semester

approx. 15 March to Friday before the start of lectures (cut-off period)



Are you an EU/EEA national and/or have a university entrance qualification­ from the EU/EEA and would like to­ apply­ for a Bachelor's degree program with restricted admission in the 1st semester?

The application takes place via the Campusportal of TU Dortmund University.  There you will find information and assistance and will be guided step by step through the application process. Further important information on the application is provided by the Student Registration Office.

Required Documents

Please use this checklist to find out about the documents required for your application. Your complete documents must be submitted before the application deadline. However, we recommend that you apply as early as possible, as this is the only way that gives room for handing in any potentially missing documents later!

Mandatory Documents to Be Submitted

Additional Mandatory Documents to Be Submitted if These Have Been Acquired

  • Certificate of the assessment test
  • Proof of successfully passed university entrance examination
  • Subject and grade overviews of your studies
  • certificate of completion of studies
  • Information on the grading system of your­ university
  • Highest proof of your German language skills
  • In case of name change: Certificate of the name change

Additional Mandatory Documents for Applicants from China, India or Vietnam

  • APS Certificate
  • Group APS are ­only accepted if they are­ specifically issued for TU­ Dort­mund University.


For individual study programs, special program-specific documents are required in addition to the general application documents. Please inform yourself in advance, which study program specific documents you need.

Please contact us:

By mail:

Technische Universität Dortmund
Referat Internationales
- Admissions & Enrollment Office -
Emil-Figge-Str. 61
44227 Dortmund

By e-mail: admission.inquiriestu-dortmundde

By telephone:  +49 (0) 231 755-6349 // You can generally reach us by telephone between 09:00 and 14:00. If you cannot reach us during these hours, we may be in an appointment or a meeting. In these cases, please try again at a later time - thank you. // Current change: There will be no telephone consultation hours between 12.06.2024 and 14.06.2024 inclusive.

In person at the International Office: Wednesday 9:00 - 11:30, only possilbe with an  appointment // Please note: The dates are released for booking one week in advance. If no dates are selectable, all dates are already booked. //

In person via Zoom: Mon 10:00 - 11:00 and Thurs 13:00 - 14:00 // Open office hours without prior registration via Zoom. //