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Additional Funding for Special Situations

Inclusion Abroad!

You should not have to miss out on a stay abroad due to your own special needs. The additional funding in the Erasmus and PROMOS scholarship programs is available to lift the financial burden of going abroad for all students with special needs or who need to take a child along on their stay abroad. The International Office is happy to assist with the application process for the additional funding.

Going Abroad with Special Needs

Making studying or interning abroad more accessible for students in a wheelchair or with impaired sight, for example - we strive to create equal opportunities for students with special needs who want an in­ter­na­tio­nal experience. In certain scholarship programs students may apply for additional funding to cover the additional costs of carrying out the stay abroad.

This additional funding is especially available for students with (but not limited to)

  • limited mobility,
  • loss of sight/blindness,
  • loss of hearing/deafness,
  • speech impediments,
  • chronic illness.

Degree of disability of at least 30

Students with a certified degree of disability of at least 30 who have been awarded an Erasmus grant for studying or interning abroad will be awarded a "social top up" grant of 200 EUR per month in addition to the regular scholarship. There is no additional application necessary for this grant. Erasmus students can get more information from Laura Hope (internship) or Hella Koschinski (study).

Degree of disability of at least 50 

Students with a certified degree of disability of at least 50 can turn in a separateapplication for a higher amount of additional funding. Questions about the application can be directed to Laura Hope (internship) or Hella Koschinski (study). The International Office submits the application to the DAAD on behalf of the student.

  • Additional funding: maximum 10,000 EUR

  • Application deadline: at least 3 months before the start of the stay abroad

Detailed information is available (in German) on the DAAD's website.

Up to 10,000 EUR can be granted within the framework of the PROMOS scholarship program for overseas internships (all countries not participating in Erasmus) for any higher costs that come from the stay abroad and are not covered through another organization. Students with a certified degree of disability of at least 50 may apply for the additional funding.

Further information is available from Laura Hope. Please note that the application process takes a long time and start planning early on (at least 6 months in advance)!

Going Abroad with Children

Erasmus Additional Funding

Students who have received an Erasmus grant for a stay abroad (study or internship) and take their child or children along can receive a "social top up" of 200 EUR per month from the International Office in addition to the regular Erasmus grant. Further information is available from Laura Hope (internship) or Hella Koschinski (study). No additional application is necessary, but the International Office should be notified at least four weeks before the planned start of the stay abroad.