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Cultural and Practical Exchange in Over 80 Countries

IAESTE Worldwide Internship Program

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The internship exchange organization IAESTE offers students from the fields of science, engineering and business (in some cases also for other subjects) internships from four weeks to six months in over 80 countries. There is no charge for the placement and participation in the program.

The internships typically take place in the semester break during the summer (Mid-July through Mid-October). However, there are often positions also available for other times in the year.

What makes the IAESTE program so special is that interns can rely on an excellent support system and a focus on intercultural exchange: Interns typically are picked up from the airport, accommodation is arranged, and the local IAESTE groups often organize excursions and buddy programs. Even though internships in English-speaking countries are very rare in IAESTE, it is possible to find an English-language internship in another country. Due to the support system, the language barrier is usually not a problem.

When you apply you are not required to accept a particular position and participate in IAESTE: The pre-application in January merely gives you the opportunity to see which positions are available and decide in a later step (February/March) if you really want to apply for a certain position.

Missed the Deadline?

Throughout the year new IAESTE positions are constantly being added to the network. If you are interested, please send your CV/resumé and a cover letter to going-abroad(at)

Application Information for TU Students

Apply by 15 January!

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Application Process

The (non-binding) pre-application deadline is 15 January.

The internship would start at the earliest in June of the same year, however some positions will be available for a start date of up to one year later. This depends on the company's requirements.

Missed the Deadline?

If you apply by 15 January, you will receive priority consideration in the placement process in February and March. However,  it is also possible to register later in the year and be considered for new IAESTE positions that are constantly being added to the network. If you are interested, please upload the full application (see below) to the IAESTE Exchange Portal and then send an e-mail to going-abroad(at) so that your account can be verified. If you have already found a position for which you would like to apply, please also send the reference number.

The following documents have to be uploaded to the IAESTE Exchange Portal:

Under "Supporting Documents":

  • CV/Resumé (English)
  • Transcripts of Records (e.g. from BOSS)
  • English Language Certificate (see the link to "Application Information" above)
  • Current Certificate of Enrollment

Under "Internal Documents":

  • Statement of Purpose (English)

There is no need to turn in any documents to the International Office. After the deadline you will receive an e-mail with further information about the application process.

The positions that are available for TU Dortmund University's students will be announced around the end of February. At this time all students who are interested in one of the positions will be able to express this interest, and students will be matched with positions.

In the subsequent phases up until the end of March more and more positions will be made available. Approximately 50% of the IAESTE applicants find their internship position in this phase.

Only one person will be nominated for a single IAESTE position: That means that the chances are relatively high that the company will accept the nomineee. The acceptance letter and all further information will then come from the local IAESTE group through the IAESTE Exchange Portal.

The placement through IAESTE is free of charge and all internships are paid. The salary is typically enough to pay for your accommodation and standard living expenses. Additional excursions, trips and extras have to be paid for by the students. 

Students in an overseas internship may apply for the DAAD travel grant. Should the DAAD turn down your application, you may apply for a PROMOS scholarship from TU Dortmund University.

Students in internships in Europe may apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship.

After the internship you will need to turn in your report through the IAESTE Exchange Portal.

In case you received an Erasmus+ or a PROMOS scholarship, there are additional documents that you need to turn in.


E-mail Inquiries

General inquiries: going-abroad
Erasmus+ study abroad: erasmus-outgoings

Office Hours

(Only) Erasmus+ Study Abroad:

Office hours via telephone/zoom Hella Koschinski: by prior arrangement
Tel.: 0231 755-6247

Office hours in presence: only with appointment
Tue 9:00-12:00

General Inquiries - Outgoings (Studies/Internships/Short Programs):

Office hours via telephone / Skype (laura-hope) / Zoom (please send a link when you are online):  without appointment, open
Mon-Tue 10:00-11:30 & 13:30-15:00 (No Advising 27.5.-3.6.)
Tel.: 0231 755-4728      

Office hours in presence:  only with appointment
New appointments will be released 14 days in advance. If no appointments are shown as available, this means that all appointments for this time period are already booked.