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Learning German at TU Dortmund University

Even if you start your stay at TU Dortmund University without any German skills, basic knowledge of the German language is essential for everyday life. On this page you will find information on the language courses offered at TU Dortmund University as well as helpful tips and links to improve your language skills.

German courses for international researchers

The Division of Foreign Languages in the Center for Higher Education (zhb) offers a free German language course program for international researchers in cooperation with the International Office. Depending on availability, accompanying spouses can also participate in the language courses.

Registration and further information

More offers to improve your language skills

Doctoral students enrolled at TU Dortmund University can register for German courses as well as for all other language courses offered by the Division of Foreign Languages (zhb).

Registration and course platform

In addition, there is a tandem program in which interested students work together with a native speaker in order to learn with and from each other.

TU Dortmund University offers its employees various education opportunities, including participation in language courses.

Further information

In addition to the language offerings of TU Dortmund, you can find numerous external offers to improve your language skills, both in presence and remotely:

  • MigraDO - Service Center Migration & Integration: MigraDO offers personal and free consultations on the topic of learning German.
  • Integreat app: The app bundles information about language learning in Dortmund and provides an overview of online learning opportunities.
  • Deutsche Welle: The broadcaster Deutsche Welle offers, among other things, online courses and media to practice or improve German.
  • vhs-Lernportal: The vhs learning portal provides a free digital course offering for learning German.
  • Language schools: Dortmund has a large number of language schools offering a comprehensive range of online and face-to-face courses. If you are interested, please contact a private language course provider in Dortmund or surrounding cities.