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Language Courses

TU Dortmund University's Department of Foreign Languages of the Center for Higher Education offers various German and other language courses during the semester free of charge for exchange students.

Register for Language Courses

If you take part in the German Intensive Course, you will receive further information and the opportunity to register for language courses during the semester at the end of the course.

If you come to TU Dortmund University in April or October shortly before the lectures start and want to register for a German language course during the semester, you have to take a placement test of the Department of Foreign Languages. You will receive the offered dates for this test as well as explanations of the procedure by e-mail before your arrival. You can also find information about the courses offered in German as a Foreign Language and the placement test here in advance.

If you would like to take part in language courses in other foreign languages during the semester, you will also have to take a placement test depending on your level and register for this test and for the language course on your own. Due to this procedure, it is usually not possible to register in due time if you arrive shortly before the semester begins. You can find further information on the courses offered and the link to the registration form here.


Erasmus+ (Incomings)

If you have any questions regarding your exchange at TU Dort­mund University, please also have a look at our FAQs