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Application for the degree program

Application for an Advanced Semester

Below you will find important information on how to apply for a degree program in an advanced semester.

Please take your time and read the following information carefully, as many fundamental aspects are explained which are­ important for your application­!

There are different ways to­ apply for an advanced semester at TU­ Dortmund University. ­Which application method is the right one for you personally depends on your choice of study, your nationality and your educational certificates.

Please note: Applicants who­ have acquired their university entrance qualification­ (HZB) and their academic achievements in­ Germany must ­contact the Student Registration Office­ to apply and enroll for an advanced semester­.

What Does "Advanced Semester" Mean?

“Advanced semesters" are all semesters of a degree program or subject greater than 1, so if you­ have already­ studied at TU­ Dortmund University or another­ university and have previously earned credits, you can apply for the recognition of the credits and, on this basis, for placement in an advanced semester.

For many­ degree programs,­ the so-called "Studiengangjahresregelung" applies­: This means that the start of studies is always in the winter semester. Consequently, within the standard period of study, students can­ only be placed in odd semesters in­ the winter semester­ and in­ even semesters in­ the summer semester.

­There are degree programs­ and subjects at TU­ Dortmund University­ which are subject to admission restrictions in an advanced semester. You can find out ­whether there is an admission restriction for a degree program or a subject in our overview of the degree programs on offer. If you have any questions regarding the range of degree programs on offer, please feel free to use TU­ Dortmund University's advisory services.


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