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Learning German

Language Courses of the Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages offers a broad choice of language courses during your studies - free of charge!

As good command of German is vital for the success of your studies, we strongly recommend improving your German language skills even after you have passed the admission test

Further information on the Department of Foreign Languages.

Writing in German

"Akademisches Schreiben und Präsentieren"

The zhb - Bereich Fremdsprachen (Foreign Languages Division) offers support in the implementation of university writing projects in German. This includes a wide range of writing projects:

  •     academic essays,
  •     term papers, bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses as well as
  •     professional writing assignments such as letters of motivation, resumes, transcripts, and cover letters for internship applications.

In addition, workshops are offered in which participants can learn about and try out methods for preparing scientific presentations.

The offer is aimed at students

  • from all faculties,
  • of all study phases - bachelor, master and doctorate and
  • who speak German either as a native, foreign or second language


  • who would like to improve their writing skills, or
  • develop their communicative skills in general, or
  • would like to receive further training in writing didactics.

All information about the seminars, workshops and writing consultation can be found on the website of the zhb - Bereich Fremdsprachen, "Akademisches Schreiben und Präsentieren" (in German)

Writing in Englisch

Academic Writing and Presentations

To be successful during your studies and in your professional life, you will need to communicate and write in English for a variety of academic, professional, and personal purposes. The zhb - Bereich Fremdsprachen assists students with a variety of projects including

  • Essays and research papers
  • Thesis and dissertation chapters
  • Summaries and abstracts
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Emails and business correspondence
  • Presentations and speeches

More information can be found on the pages of the zhb - Bereich Fremdsprachen, "academic writing and presentations".