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DAAD Special Funds for Ukraine

STIBET scholarships of the DAAD can be awarded at short notice to international  students and doctoral candidates, as well as scientists of TU Dortmund University who fled the war in Ukraine or are directly affected by the consequences of the war, as part of an extraordinary support through special funds for Ukraine.

Current and prospective students, doctoral candidates as well as scientists applying must meet the following criteria:

  • must be affected by war,
  • must have a residence permit,
  • current residence in Germany,
  • must prove financial needs,
  • must be enrolled at TU Dortmund University,
  • cannot apply for the scholarship if they receive funds from the Philipp Schwartz Initiative or the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Furthermore, students who have already applied there or intend to apply, cannot be considered (a declaration is sufficient).

The following students and researchers can be considered:

  1. Ukrainian who are affected by the war in Ukraine and non-EU students, doctoral candidates, and scientists.
  2. Members of other nations who have fled or are in need because of the war in the Ukraine.
  3. students, doctoral candidates or scientists from Belarus and Russia.

Please send us the following documents via e-mail:

  1. Filled in application form
  2. Scanned copy of your residence permit, if available
  3. Proof of your previous school or university education
  4. Proof of your German and/or English language skills, e.g. certificates or current enrollment confirmation for language courses
  5. CV
  6. Current certificate of enrollment
  7. Bank statements from the last three months
  8. Copy of employment contract if you are working
  9. If applicable, notice (of rejection) from the BAföG office
  10. For doctoral students and scientists: letter of invitation or recommendation from a professor at TU Dortmund University.
  11. For scientists: a list of publications and a copy of the most recent academic degree.

The funding can be rewarded retrospectively from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023. It includes a monthly fund whose amount depends on the academic degree and personal circumstances.

There is no entitlement to funding. Applicants will be informed of the selection result via e-mail. Individual reasons for funding or rejection are not given.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the duration of the scholarship will depend on your financial needs. We have received a limited amount of scholarship from the DAAD, which we will assign fairly and appropriately.

Application deadline: 15 October 2023

The completed application form and any required documents must be e-mailed to social.counselingtu-dortmundde.

Application form

Important: Applications that are incomplete or not submitted by the deadline cannot be considered. The application documents must be submitted as scans by e-mail.