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Advice and support from the International Office

Welcome Services for Host Chairs and Institutes

The Welcome Services team supports international researchers and scholars of TU Dortmund University and acts as a hub between researchers and scholars, other administration units, various external offices and the host chairs and institutes.

We offer comprehensive services to both your guests and you for various non-academic questions and concerns.

Our services cover the following topics:

Members of TU Dortmund University can find further information on hosting guest researchers in the Service Portal.

Furthermore, we are happy to advise and support you in the context of the following programs:

  • Philipp Schwartz Initiative: By providing funding, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation facilitates the hosting of threatened scientists and refugee researchers at universities and research institutions. 
  • Gambrinus Fellowship: Funds specifically for TU Dortmund University can be used to support short-term stays by international researchers from various disciplines.

Please note: 

Please kindly ask your guests to register in advance, so that we can provide comprehensive advice.

We are looking forward to your inquiry. You can find our contact data on our website.