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Doctorate at TU Dortmund University

The Doctoral Studies Program

This page provides an overview of the ways to obtain a doctorate at TU ­Dortmund University, how to enroll and which documents are required.

Ways to Your Doctorate

If you decide to do a doctorate, you can choose between various options. Depending on the subject area, research topic, individual and formal requirements, there are basically two ways to obtain a doctorate:

Most­ doctoral students choose the individual doctoral model.

In­ Germany, the individual doctorate is the­ classic route to a doctorate. It offers a high degree of academic freedom, but also requires a high degree of independence and motivation. In an individual doctorate, you must find a university professor who works in your department and can supervise your dissertation. Depending on your research topic, it may be advisable to write your dissertation alone or in cooperation with other scientists. At TU­ Dortmund University you will also be involved in the respective structured doctoral program of the faculty.

The individual doctorate often takes place in the context of an employment at the respective chair or institute as a­ research assistant. However, doctoral students can also finance themselves through a scholarship or external employment.

As an alternative to an individual doctorate,­ Germany also offers the possibility of doing a doctorate within a structured doctoral program. The structured programs are similar to the Anglo-Saxon PhD system. This model offers constant and intensive supervision by a team of supervisors.  It includes a curriculum of courses, usually with an interdisciplinary focus.


Admission and Enrollment in Doctoral Studies

Please contact the respective departments for the search for a supervisor.
As soon as the supervision of your doctoral studies is assured, the doctoral committee of the respective department will decide on the equivalence of the previous studies with a German academic degree and possibly grant you admission to the doctoral program.

If admission has been granted, you can then register by post. To do this, please send your documents to:

TU Dortmund­ University
International Office -­ Admissions
Emil-Figge-Str. 61
44227­ Dortmund

A list of all required documents for enrollment can be found on the following page, under the section Doctoral qualification program / doctoral studies.

Important note: Please do not send us original certificates!

Further information
The Graduate Center TU Dortmund offers interdisciplinary consulting and events for doctoral students.