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There are compulsory social insurance schemes and a number of voluntary insurance schemes for various areas of life.

Compulsory Social Insurance Schemes

The so-called social insurance consists of the following partial insurances:

  • Health Insurance
  • Nursing Care Insurance
  • Pension Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

Further information on Social Insurance:

EURAXESS Social Insurance

Health Insurance

The choice of health insurance depends, among other things, on the financing of your stay.

Residence with Employment Contract

As soon as you are employed as an employee at TU Dortmund University, you are automatically covered in all partial insurances.
You are free to decide with which health insurance company you want to be insured with. The personnel department registers you with this health insurance company and calculates your individual insurance contribution. Employer and employee each pay about half of the contributions, which together make up about 40% of your gross salary. Your employee contribution is deducted from your salary and transferred to the insurance company together with the employer's contribution.

Stay with Scholarship

If you receive a scholarship without a contract of employment, you are usually exempt from the statutory social security obligation. However, the specific regulations of the German Residence Act stipulate that foreigners are obliged to submit proof of health insurance coverage that is recognized in Germany when applying for a residence permit. As a rule, you are therefore obliged to take out private health insurance before entering Germany.

Important note: For EU/EEA nationals and in other exceptional cases, it may also be possible that the health insurance of the home country is recognized in Germany. This recognition is carried out by the statutory health insurance companies in Germany.

EURAXESS Private Health Insurance Coverage

Voluntary Insurance

There are a number of voluntary insurance schemes for different areas of life.

private liability insurance (only in German) is particularly recommended. It provides compensation if your actions­ damage other­ people or the property of other­ people. If you cause damage to people or their property in the event of an accident or inattention for which you are responsible and are not covered by liability insurance, this may result in lifelong payment obligations for you.

Further information: Consumer Advice Centre on Insurance (only in German)

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