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Important documents related to your research stay

Documents and Translations

Find out early on which documents and certifications you will need for your research stay.

The Most Important Documents for Your Research Stay:

  • Passport or equivalent identification document for you and any other accompanying family member
    Important note: As a rule, the document must remain valid for three months beyond the duration of the entire stay in Germany and may not be older than ten years
  • If necessary, a visa for you and any other accompanying family member
  • Biometric passport photographs for your residence permit, if applicable, and other documents and identification documents required
    Further information:  Federal printing office’s photo sample board (only in German)
  • Hosting agreement or letter of invitation from TU Dortmund University

    In addition, the following documents are required in many cases:
  • Your birth certificate and that of every other accompanying family member (with certified German translation if possible)
  • Marriage certificate (if possible with certified German translation)
  • Proof of a health insurance valid in Germany for you and each additional accompanying family member (in German or English translation)
  • Certified copies of your academic degrees (in German or English translation)
  • (International) vaccination card
  • Medical documents on existing or past diseases and medications to be taken

Certified Translations

If you require a certified translation of your documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate, diploma, etc.), you can, for example, go to the website of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (only in German) to find qualified translators in your area.

The database of judicial interpreters  makes it possible to find suitable translators and interpreters in NRW and beyond, using a search engine.