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Questions and Answers

The Guesthouse FAQs

Here you will find a preliminary selection of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Questions and Answers

Your Stay in the Guesthouse

The guesthouse is open to employees* from Germany and abroad who work/research at TU Dortmund University. A corresponding certificate of employment must be presented before renting.

Sorry, BA and MA students cannot stay in the guesthouse.

Your arrival depends on the personal agreement with the guesthouse management. The apartment can be occupied no earlier than 4:00 p.m. on the first day of the rental period.

Departure should be no later than 10:00 a. m. on the last day of the rental period.

It is possible to move into the guesthouse even in the middle of the month. The rent is then calculated proportionally.

Important note: The stay must be at least two weeks.

A cancellation of the reservation is possible. Currently there are no cancellation fees.

The notice period of a current contract depends on the rental period.

  • For stays of 4 weeks: at least 14 days before
  • For stays of 3 months: at least 4 weeks before
  • For a stay of 6 months: at least 3 months before

 Please clarify details with the guesthouse management.

The monthly rent is transferred to the bank account of the guesthouse. A cash payment is not possible.

Usually a rent deposit is required from the landlord when renting accommodation, as is the case here in the guesthouse. This deposit is deposited by the tenant with the landlord at the beginning of the tenancy and is intended to protect the tenant against damages. After the end of the tenancy or termination of the tenancy agreement, the deposit will be refunded if the landlord has no further claims (e.g.: rent debts, pending repairs).

The rent deposit in the guesthouse is one month's rent and is due with the payment of the first monthly rent by bank transfer.

There are mailboxes and doorbells for each apartment in the guesthouse, which should be labeled accordingly immediately­ after moving in.

Before moving out of the guesthouse into another flat, you should change the address on file in the necessary places.

If it has not been thought of in time or if it has been overlooked in some places, there is the possibility of placing a forwarding order with the German Post Office (only in German) for a limited period of time. This way, future mail that is still addressed to the address in the guest house will be forwarded directly to the new address.

Please contact the guesthouse management for further information. 

Basic­ information on the­ topic of radio broadcast license fees can be found on the following website.

More elaborate information on the­ issue and detailed instructions on how to fill out the required forms for people without any knowledge of German can be found in the following English document. 

There is no parking space for cars on the guesthouse premises. However, there is specific room for bicycles in the underground garage of the house.

Yes, TV sets are available in the apartments without any additional costs incurred.

In the guesthouse you have access to the free WLAN of TU­ Dortmund University. You can get access to it via your personal university account. If you do not have a university account, please ask the Welcome Services for a guest account.

Yes, the guesthouse management commissions a company that changes the linen every two weeks.

Important note: Please note the relevant­ information in the house rules.

No, there are no common rooms in the guesthouse.

No, because the guesthouse only has a staircase and no lift/elevator.

The guesthouse has two baby beds available. If they are needed, it should be clarified in advance whether the beds are currently available. At the moment there is no mobile bed available for older toddlers.

Sorry, it is not allowed to bring a pet with you.