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Finding an Apartment

When looking for an apartment in the Dortmund area, it is recommended to start early. On this page, you will find an overview of various online portals and contact information on the topic of housing.

It is helpful to include the Dortmund city districts and the respective suburbs into the search for accommodation. An overview is provided by the Dortmund city district portal (only in German).

The districts near TU Dortmund University include Eichlinghofen, Barop, Hombruch and Dorstfeld. The districts around the city center are the Kreuzviertel, the Klinikviertel, the Saarlandstraßenviertel and the Kaiserstraßenviertel.
When looking for accommodation, it is sometimes advisable to include neighboring cities and districts to Dortmund, such as Bochum, Herne or Witten.

Important note: In order to make it easier to contact potential landlords or flatmates, we have created respective templates in German and English, which only need to be filled with the personal information. Send the German cover letter to potential landlords and use the English as an aid for understanding. You are welcome to contact us about the templates.

TU Dortmund Apartments:

Further Links:

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  • Immer Zuhause (only in German): Furnished apartments in Dortmund 
  • Citywo: Furnished apartments in Dortmund (short term)
  • Interlodge (only in German): Furnished apartments 
  • Second Home (only in German): Furnished apartments in Dortmund
  • Basecamp: Furnished student apartments

Facebook Groups:

Provided housing is usually managed by private landlords or housing companies or cooperatives.

As a rule, a rent deposit is required from the landlord when renting housing. This is deposited by the tenant with the landlord at the beginning of the tenancy and is intended to protect the tenant against damage caused by the rent. It may amount to a maximum of three net cold rents. After the end of the rental agreement or termination of your rental agreement, the deposit will be refunded if the landlord no longer has any claims (e.g.: rent debts, outstanding repairs).

The so-called "Nettokaltmiete" or simply "Kaltmiete" (cold rent) refers only to the costs for the use of the premises. Additional costs such as for waste disposal, water or heating are to be expected. Together, these expenses result in the so-called "Warmmiete" (warm rent). The additional costs can mean a considerable difference in the final rent. Therefore, be sure to ask if it is not clearly stated which expenses are included!

Electricity and internet are usually paid to external providers and are not included in the warm rent.

Important note: Write your name on the doorbell and letterbox immediately after moving in.

You can find further information on the topic of housing for tenants here:

DAAD: Topic housing – The small lexicon for rent 
Research in Germany: Housing 

Rent Index: Current and average rents in Dortmund (only in German)

The international reach of TU Dortmund University is large. International scientists and scholars regularly come to Dortmund to work in research and teaching at our university for a certain period of time. We try to support our guests in the best possible way in preparing and organizing their stay. This also includes finding accommodation.

If you would like to rent out a room or an apartment to international scholars, please contact us. We are happy to receive all offers, especially for affordable and furnished accommodation.


Further Information: Among many other topics, you will find information on how to register your residence and on broadcasting fees on our website.

On this page we can only provide information on this topic, but we cannot provide comprehensive advice or make recommendations.

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