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"Vereine" Fair

"Vereine" as Spaces for International Encounters

In German everyday culture, "Vereine" (an association like a club) traditionally play an important role: Sports, music, cultural, educational and nature conservation clubs offer space for joint leisure activities and voluntary work. A special "Vereine" fair for international students will give clubs near campus the opportunity to present their diversity and open their doors to young students. Clubs can already present their club profiles here.

In campus and everyday life at German universities, there is a certain separation between studies and private leisure activities. This presents new and international students with challenges. For that reason, the fair will support developing networks between international students and clubs close to campus.

In this way, international students gain unique insights into and experience German culture beyond campus. Also, clubs can counteract the shortage of young people and members. The young students also give existing club members an insight into the worlds of life to which they may have had few points of contact so far. Besides that, club members meet new people and get to know different lifestyles to which they may have had few points of contact so far.

In order to bring the clubs closer to international students, they have the chance to present their activities and offers in the form of a club portrait. In addition, a club exchange is to be organized where local clubs can introduce themselves. In this way, the international students can get to know the clubs near campus and make initial contacts.

Note for students:

Due to the pandemic and rapidly changing conditions, we recommend contacting the clubs in advance by phone or email.

Note for "Vereine":

Please let us know at any time if your club is interested in a club portrait or the fair or if you would like to establish contact with international students. We are happy to support you.