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The Right Choice of Study Program as a Crucial Success Factor

Information Films on Study Courses

The subproject "Information Films on Study Courses" refers in particular to the phase of international applicants choosing the right study course, which is often still made in the home country. By the end of 2022, a total of 10 information videos on the study courses at TU Dortmund University that are most frequently attended by international students will be made available, creating a consistent, informative and digitally accessible information basis. Two additional theme films on "Living in Dortmund" and "Studying at TU Dortmund University" will supplement the subject-related services.

Students lay the foundation for successful studies by choosing the right study course. For all prospective students, it is therefore recommended that they reflect on their own interests and special inclinations and that they inform themselves very well in advance. For international prospective students, however, it is often difficult to obtain informative and realistic information about studying at a German university.

This is exactly where the information videos come in, informing international prospective students about the specific requirements, characteristics and career opportunities of the ten most popular international degree programs at TU Dortmund University as well as about studying in Germany. This is intended to avoid possible wrong decisions when choosing a study course.


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Information and transfer of experience

The concept for the information films follows a more documentary approach. In addition to department staff, international students of the respective degree program and, if possible, alumni who ideally also work in Dortmund after graduation are given a voice. In addition to information about the course of studies and career prospects, the information films will also focus on topics such as required language skills, different teaching and learning cultures or supportive support services.

Since the films can be received differently by prospective students in different cultures, an intercultural trainer checked the reception of the videos in advance.

In Cooperation with the Departments

Close cooperation and coordination between the departments and the International Office is very important in the production of the information videos on the study programs.

The videos, each about three minutes long, will be posted on TU Dortmund University's YouTube channel and will be integrated into the homepages of the International Office and the departments so that international prospective students can research more detailed information directly and individually. The social media platforms of the International Office and the faculties can be used for further distribution.