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Interweaving Digital and Analog Services

Digitization of Existing Services for International Students

International students can access a range of services designed to accompany them during their studies, establish social contacts and provide information on various topics.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, various services that were previously offered face-to-face had to be postponed, modified or digitized as of March 2020. The aim of this sub-project is to systematically determine which content on study organization, service, etc. should be offered as face-to-face events - if this is compatible with infection control - and where greater digitization makes sense. This should be oriented primarily to the needs of the students.

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StartSmart - the game to start your studies

One application that was developed within the framework of this project together with the ITMC of TU Dortmund University is "StartSmart", a game for international first-year students to get started with their studies.

With the campus game StartSmart, international students acquire all important information about studying at TU Dortmund University in 25 steps on their mobile phones every day. Together with their avatar, they solve tasks and questions about the start of their studies and receive a variety of links and videos about everyday life at our university.

The information jungle, which can be overwhelmingly dense (especially at the beginning of a study abroad program), can thus be penetrated step by step. With the mobile phone as a constant companion, students can also master the tasks independent of location, individually and staggered in time. Experienced international students, student advisors, employees of faculties, the Foreign Language Center, the AStA, the International Office or the Foreigners' Registration Office provide answers to many questions in interviews.

You can find more information on the StartSmart pages.